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The right choice is not always

                                     the easy choice

  • John Deere Sample0:40
  • Fat Dogs - sample0:49
  • Things Are Getting Better - sample0:39
  • When I Look Into a Mirror - Sample0:46
  • BlueBluegrass0:54
  • Leroy Ballad - sample0:44
  • Hero - Sample0:47
  • Sweet Baby of Mine0:40
  • Dog water - sample0:44
  • Her Mouth Don't Know No Sunday's - sample0:45
  • Letter of Fate - sample0:35
  • Nothing But a Smile0:53
  • You Made Me a Devil0:48
  • Eggs0:43
  • Match Made In Heaven0:45
  • Mama, Your're the Prettiest Girl to Me0:47
  • Daddy where Are You0:47
  • Theme Song - Little Girl from Chemny Rock - sample0:52
  • Memories of Route 660:44
  • Life's Journey0:53


Dedicated to John Deere Tractor

Hillbilly Humor

Mittie's NEW self vision

It's Okay to dream

Ballad of the self-Righteous

Leroy, an innocent man

William is a HERO to her

TWO silly songs about Mittie's sister Dolly

A life changing letter by Mittie

Background  Music in a bar

William perspective 

You can't unscramble eggs

A Love Song


    Songs for Mom  Dad

Old ROute 66

This song written by Jimmie Ray & David Wilson

all others above by Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell

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