At the age of eleven I began the journey to find out more

about my 'real father'. 

It was not until the age of forty-four, when I found him

AND seven, that's right, seven, more brothers and sisters;

and a inspiration to write "Mittie's Song". 

My Mom, Mittie Claire Belle Cantrell, passed away on March 29, 2011. Boy I miss her so, loved hearing her Southern Belle stories, or even singing a song with her.  The last song we sang together was, "In The Pines". 

She had several God given gifts; music, art, the gift of gab.  One thing she had, that became an enemy of sorts, was beauty. 

At forty-four I began to write music, make notes of stories, and set to find my lost brothers and sisters; that is a story all of its own. 

The night I found my 'father' I came home a wrote the song, "Daddy, Where Are You" - you can hear a sample on Mittie's Song Music samples, 
a screenplay (being revised, again), 20 plus songs and now, The Play.   This is NOT the story of my Mom BUT she DID in fact inspire the story.  MANY of the stories within, and characters, were from her life.  So, I guess one might say, I took artistic license and created these productions.  ONE of the main messages within is, to quote Mittie, "No matter what you are going through, with the Good Lord's help, you WILL make it through." 

God Bless and enjoy "Mittie's Song",

Jimmie Ray Cantrell

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