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Ode to Johnny Cash

by Jimmie Ray Cantrell
Dec 2007

Johnny Cash I never knew; except from far away;

For fifty years I watched this man, till this very day.

I never knew my father, within itself a story that is sad;

How many times I did wish, Johnny Cash were my Dad.

He was born in Arkansas, a state where I once lived,

He was a man of faith; a man that loved to give.

His songs told stories, true and not, many we all sing,

Songs of travel, love and faith; about most everything.

Twelve hundred songs recorded, many other things he had done,

Married twice, his last was June, together they had a son.

A few years he lived hard, earth and fire and sword,

But for most his years he loved and served the Lord!

In concert since I saw him I've never been the same,

His songs of prison, walkin' the line, and some songs about trains.

There was something that he had, in some ways we were the same.

He knew of life, the pleasure, but mostly knew the pain.

His songs I now sing, with honor and with pride,

It hurt so deep that awful day I heard that Johnny Cash had died.

Now in Heaven Johnny is, with June and many more,

Like my son Jimmy, friend Roy and Jason; there forever more.

His songs and stories, around this world many times each and every day,

The Man in Black will truly live on; with out doubt I can say.

I'll do what I can to bring honor and to show my pride,

He was a man that we all loved; that can not be denied.

Such respect and honor seldom to others I have shown,

Doing such, I in a way, welcome Johnny Cash to our home.

Part of my life for many years, what he has become.

I close this ode, from my heart, but it is not done.


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